Just me, my camera, and my blog!


Well, here I am – finally writing a blog. If you didn’t know already, I am Stephanie, your gracious host of the masterpiece. I am the owner and operator of Creative Button Photography and I began Creative Button on April 18, 2011. Photography was not really a part of my plan other than using it as my precious ‘self-care’ time. Professionally, I am a Social Worker and I love my job, but sometimes I need a peaceful place to go after a long day of work. I bought a camera after carrying a point and shoot around with me EVERYWHERE! I started taking photos as often as I could and the big jump was my trip to Costa Rica in February 2011. When I came home people started asking if they could use my photos as screen savers and then people asked to buy prints and then it evolved into people asking me to take photos for them so naturally, In super speed time I decided that Creative Button was now a major faucet of my life. I love it. I love photography. I love seeing things through a lens and I love finding the beauty in the simplest of things.

So, lets fast track to present day, shall we? Ok, here we are. June 5, 2012. I recently began wedding season and it is a steady start. I haven’t advertised much, so getting the word out is slow, but my previous clients have been so amazing in helping me spread the word. I recently invested in Lightroom 4 and have found it to be SOOOOO amazing! I am so glad I finally went for it. Photoshop is a little over whelming for me and I am hoping to take a class sometime soon. Ohh did I tell you, I am taking my first photography class starting June 28! I am so excited, it is a lighting class, which I think will help my work a lot.

On Sunday, the 3rd, I had the pleasure of photographing a Baby shower (of course the individual blog and photos will be coming soon). Other than that I have been practicing with presets and processing tools and working on reediting some of my old photos, so with that said, here are a few for you to feast your lovely eyes on! Please feel free to comment and share!