Wedding, boudoir, and portraits oh my!

HOLY MOLY HAS IT EVER BEEN BUSY!!! This past weekend I headed down to Lethbridge Alberta for a wedding I had booked over a year ago! I was so very excited to see this couple though their engagement, her boudoir, and now finally the wedding! The day was jam packed with 10 hours on location and many curve balls thrown my way! I lost my wallet and all. The next day started bright and early with 2 boudoir sessions and then some portraits! Today, I will be showing you a few of Sara and Loran’s wedding pictures. I can definitely see myself improving from previous weddings I have done and for the first time I shot in FULL MANUAL!! I definitely am so proud of myself! well, here goes, let me know what you think!! Boudoir and portraits to come soon!



Say You, a concert tale!

Hey all! On Tuesday I had the chance to go to see one of my favourite bands called Imaginary Cities! They are from Manitoba and are oh so delightful! I saw them last year in Lethbridge at The Slice, when they played with Pepper Rabbit and Hey Ocean, and it was love at first listen! The CD, Temporary Resident has been at the ready ever since! This time I got to see them at Calgary’s the Republik, one of my very favourite venues for a concert!

The openers were Federal Lights and Rah – Rah, but I was filled with excitement to hear the lovely voices of Imaginary Cities. They are the kind of band that when they sing, you can actually feel the emotions they put into developing the song and the presence just rings through your body. You actually believe the lead singer is feeling love or heartbreak as she sings.

This was the first time I dared to bring my camera to a concert and try and snap a few pics. I was so very exited and I feel like I got a few great one! You can see some of the images below! I am so excited with how they have turned out!


Well, I hope you enjoyed my post! I encourage you to go and check out this wonderful Canadian band and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Stephanie ❤

Family Fun in the Sun!

Hey everyone! On Sunday I had the great opportunity to shoot a lovely family with 2 boys! They were so much fun and so easy going! We went down along the river path by the bow (holy moly is it ever high!!!) and we got some great family fun shots! Here is a few from the session!


I look forward to posting about the 3rd birthday I shot later that day!

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Ohhh Canada!


Yesterday was GREAT! We had so much fun, and it was totally chilled and relaxed! We went down to Olympic Plaza and checked out the local festivities and indulged in a few tacos. Then we headed off to Kensington to meet up with a good friend and then we headed off to our friends hose for a BBQ. Lucky for us, this lovely friend lived in the most perfect place to capture the fireworks that were set up on the centre street bridge! The place was packed with people ( just practice for the upcoming stampede) a lovely couple let me set my tripod in the bed of their truck, and off I went snapping pictures of the 15 minute light show. Here are a few of the days images. This was my first time shooting fireworks, and it was a bit of a challenge, but ultimately, it came out well! 

Here is a quick hello from Jono and I 🙂





If you would like to check out more of the photos from the night you can find them at


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