Wedding, boudoir, and portraits oh my!

HOLY MOLY HAS IT EVER BEEN BUSY!!! This past weekend I headed down to Lethbridge Alberta for a wedding I had booked over a year ago! I was so very excited to see this couple though their engagement, her boudoir, and now finally the wedding! The day was jam packed with 10 hours on location and many curve balls thrown my way! I lost my wallet and all. The next day started bright and early with 2 boudoir sessions and then some portraits! Today, I will be showing you a few of Sara and Loran’s wedding pictures. I can definitely see myself improving from previous weddings I have done and for the first time I shot in FULL MANUAL!! I definitely am so proud of myself! well, here goes, let me know what you think!! Boudoir and portraits to come soon!




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